EmployerXG Portal

Access the CSAC EmployerXG portal at https://employer.gobasys.com/CSACv2/login/login.aspx.

Please note: When reporting contributions due for a new employee, please carefully verify the employee's legal name and Social Security Number as errors may prevent an employee from receiving benefits timely. Please contact Employer Services at employerservices@carpenterssw.org if you have any questions regarding remittance reporting through EmployerXG.

Employers Remittance Reporting

Employers who are signatory to a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters or bound by a written agreement to make contributions to the Southwest Carpenters Trusts are obligated to make certain fringe benefit payments on behalf of their employees. The funds and contribution amounts are specified within each agreement to which the employer is bound.

Once an agreement is finalized and signed, the Administrative Office will receive a copy and the Employer Accounting Department will contact the signatory employer to provide information regarding the submission of contributions securely and safely online via EmployerXG.

Each month in EmployerXG employers should report hours worked in the previous month. In EmployerXG the employer will see current agreement information based upon the Employer's obligations and the most current information provided to the Employer Services Department regarding the type of work and project requirements. If for any reason the employer feels that the information in EmployerXG is inaccurate please contact Employer Services at EmployerServices@carpenterssw.org. 

New Employers

Welcome. As an employer who has become obligated to contribute to the Southwest Carpenters Trusts based upon a recently executed labor agreement with the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, you should have received an Invitation to Remittance Reporting (sample), in addition to the EmployerXG Quick Start Guide, C4A Declaration and a copy of Appendix II Rules Implementing Withdrawal Liability Imposed by ERISA

The C4A Declaration should be completed and returned to the administrative office within 30 days.

In addition to the documents you received in the mail, we have included other documents below which we believe may assist you in your set up and reporting as a new employer. We have also included a set of Frequently Asked Questions which may be helpful to you. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance. 

C4A Application

C4A Resolution 

Sample Payroll

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Trust does not provide employers that are obligated to contribute to the Southwest Health and Welfare Trust with legal advice as to their responsibilities under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”); however we will provide you with information about the Trust’s coverage.

PPACA generally requires employers to notify their employees about the health coverage options available through the new Health Insurance Marketplace (sometimes referred to as “Exchanges”) that began in 2014. It is the employer’s (not the Trust’s) responsibility to provide the Notice to its employees prior to October 1, 2013. In order to complete the Notice, you should know that the coverage provided by the Trust to your participating employees meets the minimum value standard established by the PPACA under current law.

The Department of Labor (“DOL”) has created a model notice (“Notice”) for employers to use to satisfy this requirement. If you plan to use the DOL model Notice, it is available on the DOL’s Affordable Care Act webpage located at http://dol.gov/ebsa/healthreform.

To complete this Notice, the Trust has completed the portion of Part “B” of the Notice that applies to the benefits offered through the Trust that you can use to satisfy the notification requirements with respect to your employees who participate in the Southwest Carpenters Health and Welfare Trust. See Notice B.

For more information on the Trust’s coverage on the Affordable Care Act’s requirements which are applicable to large contributing employers, refer to the ACA Employer Letter.

IRS/SSA/CMS Data Match Project

Employers who receive notification for participation in the IRS/SSA/CMS Data Match Project should be aware that information about your employees’ eligibility for health benefits through the Southwest Carpenters Health and Welfare Trust is considered to be protected health information under the HIPAA privacy rules. Therefore, CSAC will not be able to provide this information to a participating employer without authorization from the employees. As an alternative, CSAC will be able to provide this information to the employees upon their request. If the individual participants request this information from CSAC, they will be free to share it with their employer. Should you require any additional information or have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact Employer Services.

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