Welcome Colorado Employers!

Employers working under the Colorado Statewide Building and Construction Master Agreement are required to make certain employer contributions to the Southwest Carpenters Trusts beginning with the January 2020 work month.   

Contributions are due by the 15th of the month following the month of work and are considered late if payment is received after the 25th of the month (or the last business day before the 25th).


New Employers

If you have never remitted contributions to the Southwest Carpenters Trusts, a letter titled "Colorado Employers Invitation to Remittance Reporting" was sent to you with instructions for reporting. 

  • The Southwest Carpenters Trust has an on-line monthly remittance process through the EmployerXG portal.
  • The Trust does not send remittance forms to employers as all employers are required to submit their report through the on-line portal.
  • Employers have the option to make payment through the EmployerXG Portal or to generate a Remittance Confirmation to mail to the Trust Fund Office with a check.

To begin reporting go to:  https://employer.gobasys.com/CSACv2/Login/Login.aspx

  • When prompted for your username and password, go to "Sign Up".
  • On the next page enter the Federal ID, First Name, Last Name and Invitation code exactly as they are shown on the letter you received.
  • Finally, follow the instructions for creating your username, password and challenge questions. Please make note of your user username and password for future reporting. 

Additional instructions for reporting were also included with your letter.



Colorado Employers Previously Reporting to the Southwest Carpenters Trust

Employers who already remit under an agreement with the Southwest Regional of Carpenters, will now find a Colorado Building Agreement listed on the Home Page of EmployerXG as a Due Report as seen in figure below.



For Additional Assistance


We are offering two Training Sessions by Webex to assist employers with the reporting process.

February 5, 2020 @ 10:00 a.m.(PST)

February 12, 2020 @ 10:00 a.m.(PST)

Contact EmployerServices@carpenterssw.org to register for a session or for additional assistance with remittance reporting or call 213-386-8590 x 116 to speak to a representative from Employer Services.

The mailing address for payments and Remittance Confirmation forms is:

Southwest Carpenters Trusts

533 S. Fremont Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90071