Employers FAQs

All monthly contributions are due on the 15th of the month following the work month. Contributions received after the 25th of the month following the work month are considered delinquent and will be assessed liquidated damages and interest. Contribution reports and payment must be received the last business day before the 25th if the 25th day falls on a weekend or holiday.

If you did not employ carpenters or other covered crafts in the previous work month, you must submit a No Work report. Failure to submit a No Work report will be considered a delinquency. See Instruction and Support for EmployerXG for instructions.

No. All contributions required by the Trusts are defined in the applicable labor agreement. Paying the hourly contributions directly to an employee in lieu of the required contributions will not relieve you of the obligation to remit contributions to the Trusts.

As a contributing employer, it is your responsibility to make accurate reports to the Trusts and to report any errors in a timely manner. However, refunds may considered only if the request is received in a timely manner and certain conditions may apply.

If you find that an employee has been omitted or under reported, you may submit a supplemental report for the appropriate work month by using the Create Remittance option in EmployerXG.

For over reporting or incorrect reporting see Contribution Adjustments.

Reporting of negative hours in a later period in lieu of requesting an adjustment is not permitted.

No. The Trusts do not accept contributions on sole owners or sole proprietors.

The agreements and rates available for reporting in EmployerXG are based upon agreement or project information provided by the Contract Administrator. If you believe that a rate is incorrect or missing, please contract EmployerServices@carpenterssw.org immediately for assistance. 

Please contact Employer Services at 213-386-8590, ext 116 or EmployerServices@carpenterssw.org. The staff will work with you to get your file(s) mapped, so you can use them as your template to file via EmployerXG. Additional mapping may be required when agreements are added or contract rates have changed.

In addition to the Social Security Number (SSN), you will need the employee’s full First and Last names and Date of Birth.  

Yes, you should enter Classification for an employee. Your rate sheets for your area have both the apprentice level and apprentice percentage, and the apprentice level drop down in EmployerXG will correspond to the information in the rate sheet. Should you need a rate sheet, please contact Employer Services at 213-386-8590.

Yes. You must enter hours for all Apps that are listed in a report. If your agreement includes an App for “Sun/Hol” you should only include hours worked on a Sunday or Holiday.

For check payments you should not change the current date when you submit your report.  After the check is received, the new deposit date will reflect in the system.

For EFT payments, use the date you want the EFT to be withdrawn.

EFT Payments Are Now Accepted

To pay your remittance by EFT choose this method on the upper left comer of the payment screen and follow the instructions to enter your banking information. If you choose this method a receipt will be available as of the scheduled payment date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: lf you have an ACH filter on your bank account, please first contact your bank and add the CSAC Company ID 1953687194 as an approved payee.

Also, please note that NSF electronic payments are subject to a $25.00 charge.

No, do NOT use any dashes, just the nine-digit SSN of the employee.

Check to see if you might have any “phantom” blank lines in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet/file will not upload if there are. To remove blank lines, highlight the lines and hit delete.