How can I save on healthcare costs?

Take these steps to help save on healthcare costs:

  • If you are enrolled in the Anthem PPO, use Anthem in-network doctors, hospitals, labs and other healthcare facilities. You will pay less, and you will not pay charges above the network contracted rate. (The Kaiser HMO pays benefits only for in-network care.)
  • Get a routine physical and immunizations in-network, every year. Most services are free to you. Simple tests can detect heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, certain cancers and more—often early enough to keep them from being serious health problems.
  • Use generic drugs whenever possible. Generics have the exact same active ingredients as their brand-name alternatives and are just as effective. But, they cost you less than preferred or non-preferred brand name drugs. If your physician prescribes a brand name drug, ask if a generic is available.
  • Be sure to use mail order for prescriptions of more than 30 days. Under the Anthem PPO, after filling a long-term prescription drug twice at a participating retail pharmacy, you must fill your prescription for mail order through the Express Scripts Pharmacy. Otherwise, you will pay the full cost of the prescription.
  • Go to the emergency room only if it is a true emergency: when an illness or injury puts your life in serious jeopardy and treatment can’t be delayed. Otherwise, an urgent care center or your primary care provider is your best—and least expensive—option. Or visit a doctor online through Anthem’s LiveHealth Online or Kaiser’s My Doctor Online.