How do I know if I am eligible for benefits?

Eligibility is granted by working 360 hours in a calendar quarter. For example, if you have at least 360 hours in January, February and March you will have coverage during May, June and July. Participants need a total of at least 360 hours (work hours and/or reserve hours) worked by contributing employers in order to qualify for coverage for the next eligibility quarter as shown in the chart below. The number of work hours required for initial eligibility by participants that have never been covered under the Active Plan will be 300 hours in a work quarter.  After initial eligibility has been established, the work hour requirement will revert to the normal 360 hours for any subsequent eligibility quarter.

Work Quarter Eligibility Quarter
If you have at least 360 hours by the close of the following 3 months: You have coverage during the next following 3 months of:
January, February, March May, June, July
April, May, June August, September, October
July, August, September November, December, January
October, November, December February, March, April