Work History

Search for the work period by typing “201705” in the search box.

Hours worked in a month are submitted by the employer by the 25th of the following month. The Administrative Office enters the hours received from the employer as quickly as possible but may not be in the system until the 5th of the month, two months after the work was performed. For example, if you worked in April, the hours may not appear in MemberXG until June 5. 

Reciprocal hours are often received by the Administrative Office up to 2-3 months after work is performed. For instance, April hours, may not be received until June. However, should you need hours to be verified in order in to receive Eligibility, you are encouraged to contact the Administrative Office and ask for the Reciprocity Department.

“Refno” is an abbreviation for reference number that identifies the remittance submitted by the employer. If you have a question about a specific employer contribution, call the Administrative Office and provide the reference number.