Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment

MetLife Life Insurance for Active Participants and Their Families

MetLife provides Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance(“AD&D”),and Dependent Life Insurance to all active eligible participants through the Southwest Carpenters Health and Welfare Trust. The Trust’s Life and AD&D Insurance coverage is the same regardless of the Medical or Dental Plans you elect. The Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit is available only to the participant.

To update your beneficiary, complete a new Designation of Beneficiary Form and submit it to the Administrative Office. The Designation of Beneficiary Form is an important document that must be completed and returned to the Administrative Office. 

The basic benefits offered include $20,000 for Employee Life Insurance, up to $20,000 AD&D Insurance, and $3,000 Life Insurance for the death of a legal spouse or dependent child. For more information on benefits, contact the Carpenters Administrative Office at (213) 386-8590 or Toll Free at (800) 293-1370.

MetLife Evidence of Coverage

MetLife Advantages Services

Designating the Beneficiary

MetLife provides an additional benefit to the surviving spouse for educational or training expenses.

MetLife provides an additional benefit to the surviving spouse for childcare (children under age 13) to allow your spouse to work.

MetLife provides an additional benefit for the tuition expenses incurred by each eligible dependent child within 4 years after the date of the participant’s death.

MetLife pays an additional $2,000 if the participant loses his/her life in an automobile accident in which he/she was wearing his/her seat belt.

MetLife pays an additional $1,000 if a participant loses his/her life in an automobile accident where as seat belt benefits payable and the car is equipped with an airbag and the airbag deploys.

MetLife pays an additional $10,000 if the participant dies in a public transportation accident, e.g., a train or bus accident. 

If a participant leaves employment for reasons other than retirement or disability and their coverage ends,he/she may be able to continue their Life and AD&D Insurance at a low group insurance rate without evidence of insurability.

If a participant leaves their job for any reason and their coverage ends and they are not eligible for portability, they may be able to convert their group Life Insurance and/or dependent to an individual Whole Life Insurance Policy without evidence of insurability (excludes AD&D).

Provides 24 hour service to assist participants when traveling at least 100 miles from home (including international travel) in locating medical care and other emergency services, travel services and pre-departure information. 

Travel Assistance Flyer

This MetLife program provides participants with free and confidential access to resources including counseling sessions, legal/financial consultants and referrals. 

Grief Counseling Services

MetLife provides participants with contact information of professionals who will aid them with funeral planning for themselves and eligible family members. Will Preparation Services

Funeral Planning & Available Services

Life Insurance Benefits are available to unmarried children between their 19th and 23rd birthday. The benefit only applies if the children are full-time students in an accredited institution of learning at the time of their death. Your children include your biological children, stepchildren, legally adopted children, foster children, and legal guardianship. For more information contact the Administrative Office. Complete the student verification form and submit with the original certified death certificate.

Health and Welfare Coverage Extension for Families of Deceased Active Carpenters

If an Active Carpenter dies while classified as an Active Eligible as defined under the Plan and his death is the result of a work-related event that occurred while he was on the job working for a Contributing Employer (as determined by the Plan), Active Plan coverage for his surviving eligible dependents will continue for up to 24 months following the date their coverage would otherwise end because work and reserve hours are exhausted. There is no cost to the surviving eligible dependents for this coverage extension regardless of which Medical Plans they are enrolled in.

This coverage extension is only available to surviving dependents that are not covered by another Medical Plan. Additionally, the 24 months of free coverage will be cut short under the following circumstances:

  • Remarriage of the surviving spouse in which case coverage will cease for the former spouse and any dependent children at the end of the calendar month in which the marriage occurs;
  • As of the date the surviving spouse or dependent becomes covered by another Medical Plan;
  • As of the date a surviving dependent child no longer meets the Plan’s definition of a dependent. 

After the 24 months of free coverage (or sooner if that coverage terminates because of the three events listed above), the surviving dependents can elect self-pay COBRA continuation coverage. The duration of self-pay COBRA continuation coverage will be limited to 36 months less the number of months coverage is extended under the free extension.

This Health and Welfare extension for families of deceased active carpenters does not apply to special class employees.

Health and Welfare Trust Summary Plan Description for Active Carpenters

The Health and Welfare Trust Summary Plan Description for Active Carpenters (“SPD”) describes the Plan eligibility rules and benefits for active carpenters. To maximize the benefits of the Plan, the Trustees of the Southwest Carpenters Health and Welfare Trust urge participants to familiarize themselves with the SPD before the need for care arises. If you would like to receive another copy of the SPD please contact the Administrative Office.

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