If you are eligible for the Anthem Active PPO or the Kaiser HMO, you are entitled to Vision benefits which are administered through UnitedHealthcare Vision.

UnitedHealthcare Customer Service: (800) 638-3120

UnitedHealthcare Provider Locator: (800) 839-3242 or

  • Using in-network providers will provide the best value and you will not be required to submit a claim form, just pay your copays and material fees to the provider and the provider will submit a claim for the balance to UHC.
  • If you use an out of network provider you will be required to pay the provider and seek reimbursement for the allowed charges from UHC.
    • To receive reimbursement for a claim from a non-network provider, you will need to mail your itemized receipts with the member's unique identification number and the patient's date of birth to:

      UnitedHealthcare Vision Claims Department
      PO Box 30978
      Salt Lake City, UT 84130
      Fax: 248-733-6060

Exam—Once Every 12 Month
(Maternity Exam – 2 times per 12 months.)
$10 Copay
Lenses-Per-Pair—Once Every 12 Months $20 Copay for Standard Polycarbonate Lenses
(Bifocals, Progressive Lenses and Coatings add additional cost)
Frames—Once Every 24 Months $130 Benefit Allowance. If the frame costs more than $130 you are responsible for the additional cost.
Contact Lenses—Once Every 12 Months $125 Benefit Allowance

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