Prohibited Employment

The Pension Trust is intended to provide income to its retired participants and requires that retirees declare their intentions to stop working in the building and construction industry before they begin receiving payment.  If you find after beginning your pension that you need to return to employment prohibited by the Plan, you should be aware that your benefits will likely be suspended. The amount of time benefits are suspended depends on your age and the length of time you are employed. If you take work in Prohibited Employment, you must notify the Administrative Office in writing within 15 days after you start work.

Before reaching age 65, you must withdraw completely and refrain from any employment or activity in the building and construction industry anywhere, including self-employment.  

At or after reaching age 65, until you reach age 70½ , you are permitted to work no more than 40 hours in a calendar month in the same industry, in the same trade or craft, in the geographical areas of the Southwest Plan.

After age 70½, beginning with the April 1 immediately following the calendar year in which you attain 70½, there are no restrictions on the type, duration or location of the work you may perform while receiving Pension payments from the Plan.

The following are common categories of Prohibited Employment:

  • Owner/Management positions for a construction-related business
  • Administrative support positions for a construction-related business
  • Positions that require non-incidental visitation to construction job sites
  • Consultant positions with construction-related businesses
  • Positions that require use of tools and skills used before retirement