Survivor Benefits Before and After Retirement

Before Retirement, Pre-Retirement benefits are paid on behalf of vested participants who die before they have had the chance to draw their benefits. When this happens, the Trust pays benefits according to Plan rules: either as a lifetime payment to a surviving spouse, or 36 monthly payments to a non-spouse or a spouse who elects this option. You should keep a valid Beneficiary Designation Form on file with the Administrative Office. This will allow the Administrative Office to identify who is entitled to the available benefits.

After Retirement, Post-Retirement benefits are determined by the option you select at retirement. If you are married when you retire, your spouse will be your beneficiary unless you both elect otherwise. The Qualified Surviving Spouse Pension is the default option for married participants. If your pension is paid as a Qualified Surviving Spouse Pension, your spouse will receive a lifetime pension upon your death. You should note that your spouse cannot be removed as your beneficiary once the Qualified Surviving Spouse Pension commences, even if you are later divorced. However, if your spouse’s death precedes yours, your pension will be adjusted to the amount you would have received had you elected the single-life annuity.