Vacation Payout Announcement

In consideration of the circumstances and challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Board of Trustees of the Vacation Trust have authorized a one-time, partial early distribution of funds from the July 2020 Vacation Payout

 What: Vacation Funds for Hours worked from September 2019 through November 2019

 When: Distributed May 1, 2020

 How: To receive this early distribution you must follow the steps below.

  1. Submit your vacation request form through MemberXG between March 28th and April 10th using the VAC REQ – New Direct Deposit Form or the VAC REQ – Same Banking

  2. Upload a copy of your voided check or deposit slip through MemberXG. The check or deposit slip must show your name as the bank account holder. This step is only required if you did not request a direct deposit on the last pay out.

Need help?  Visit our MemberXG site to access the portal and view our helpful videos to learn how the request and upload process is done.

To contact us email or call  213-386-8590 ext 113.