Are there any restrictions on filling long-term (“maintenance”) drugs at a participating retail pharmacy under the Anthem PPO?

Yes. You may fill a long-term prescription drug at a participating retail pharmacy up to two times (an initial fill and one refill). After that, you must fill your prescription through the Express Scripts Pharmacy mail order service. If you continue filling the prescription at a retail pharmacy, you’ll pay the entire cost of the drug. (Long-term drugs are those prescribed by your doctor for ongoing conditions, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.)

When you fill your prescription by mail order, you can save up to 60% on the cost and your medication will be delivered to your home with free standard delivery.

To get started with mail order, call Express Scripts at (800) 987-7836. For most medications, they will contact your doctor and arrange for your first home delivery supply. Your medication will usually arrive within eight to 11 days after your prescription is received. Continue to use a participating retail pharmacy to fill prescriptions for short-term drugs, such as antibiotics.

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